Gobbler Grind 1/2 Marathon Race Report


1:52:04 chip time (8:33) - positvie splitt by over 1 minute. Felt very tired last 2 miles.

Course information and results: http://www.gobblergrindmarathon.com/


Gobbler Grind was the first 1/2 marathon I completed in 2004. This year the course was changed from Leawood-east Overland Park to start in Corporate Woods and then go south. This year's course had 4-5 hills that made it much tougher.

I did not do as well as I'd hoped. I wanted to average around 8:20-8:25. My training over the last three weeks has been hit and miss. I had to travel to Tucson and Denver (each time I was gone 5-6 days) and worked alot of hours. Consequently I did not get in the runs I should have. I did complete a very tough 12 mile run two weeks before the race. However, about 5 days before the race I was having pain in my left hip and lower back.

Race weather was sunny and in the 30s. I felt good wearing a long sleeve shirt over a t-shirt and shorts. As I was getting ready in the parking lot, I noticed that I forgot to bring the Garmin. For the entire race I was lost on pacing and distance. Over the last two miles that would have a big effect.

I started the race fast with the first 7 miles at 8:15 pace. However from miles 7 to 9 are the large hills and by mile 10 the pace was around 8:25 average. By mile 12 I was feeling very tired and could not maintain the pace. I'd estimate my last 2 miles at around 9:15s or even slower. I just had no energy. Without the Garmin to tell me how I was doing on pace and how much distance was left I just could not get mentally strong.

I'm disappointed in my performance and know I made these mistakes

  1. Not enought training 3-4 weeks before race
  2. Not enough rest the day before (raked leaves)
  3. Not enough to eat race morning
  4. No GARMIN!
  5. To fast of a pace first 7 miles

Now I'll start my training for a Spring marathon. Goal is to be running 18-20 miles on the long run by mid-January.

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