Privacy Statement

What personally identifiable information (PII) is collected and how it will be used?

The only PII collected is when you complete the contact me form or post a comment to my blog.

The contact me form requires you to provide a name and email address. This information is used to reply back to you. This information is not kept permanently. Information you provide on the contact me form is deleted after I reply to you.

You may post anonymously to the blog. If you do provide your name, email address, web address and or PII information in the comment this information is stored in our blog database. This information is only used to display your comment. I do not provide this information to any third parties.

Who is collecting the PII?

Bruce Phillips, Bruce at Phillips dot name

Is PII shared with third parties?


Does this site use any tracking technology?

Your IP address, browser, date/time of visit, and what pages you visited is collected. This information is used for web site usage statistics. This information is not provided to any third parties.

We do not use any cookies or other technologies to track your movement on the web.

Is PII supplemented with information from other sources?


What options are available to people visiting this web site?

You can comment on the blog without providing PII. You can contact me via email using an anonymous mailer program without using the contact me form.

How can you access any PII you have provided?

You can email me to remove any information you have provided in a comment or email form that is PII.

Are there security measures in place?

Standard web security measures are in place to protect infomation stored in our databases.

How can you file a complaint?

Email Bruce at Phillips dot name